Understanding Sports Betting Lines

Real money sports betting is a huge industry in Europe, and even though it is illegal in most of the US, it is estimated that about $200 billion is bet on sports annually. Sports betting gives you a great way of making some quick money based upon your knowledge of the sport. For anyone, who is just starting sports betting, certain things may appear quite confusing. Among them is the concept of sports betting lines and their rules, which every bettor should be aware of.

Sports betting basics

There are certain terms that you should know and be familiar with if you want to indulge in sports betting. The most important one amongst these terms is 'handicap'. Handicap refers to the fact that one team is given advantage over the other. Then there is 'handle' which refers to the entire money that has been wagered on a particular event. You will also come across the term 'spread' when involved in online betting. Spread is essentially used to make the game fairer for the bettors. This is usually used for high scoring games like Basketball or American Football.

Money Line and betting odds

The money line is something that is used to determine what a bettor would win. There are different types of money lines and here is a look at the three most commonly used forms of money lines or rather the most common way to represent the odds for a player.

American odds: This is what is referred to as money lines in the US and is quite different from the two forms mentioned below. In this form, the betting column will have a number sometimes preceded by a negative time. If there is a negative sign, then the odd tells you how much you need to bet to earn $100 on the bet. If it is a positive number, then it will tell you the profit you can make if you bet $100 and win.

Decimal odds: These are by far the most popular form used for representing the odds in today's betting world. Almost every bookmaker around the globe deals in decimal odds. It is also pretty simple to learn about these odds. For instance, if a betting line reads as 1.20, it means that if you bet $1.2 and win the bet, then you will end up winning $1. Basically it tells you how much you need to bet in order to win $1. It is not really necessary to represent the decimal in these kinds of odds, as 1.20 can also be written as 120.

Fractional odds: This is the second most popular method for representing the odds. These odds are mostly used by the British bookmakers. These odds are represented by a fraction and the fraction tells you the amount of profit you will end up winning on betting $1. For example, if the table reads 1/100, then that means that on wagering $1 the payer will earn a profit of $.01 on winning.

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