How to Avoid Sportsbook Scams

The rise of the internet over the years has helped sports-betting a lot, as now it is much easier to place bets. However, there are various sports betting sites available today and it can be hard to figure out which ones to trust. This is because there have been many sportsbook scams over the years. Some of these scams have resulted in bettors losing a lot of money, as either their money was confiscated saying they violated some rule, or the betting odds were changed at the last moment. To make sure that your real money sports betting experience goes without a hiccup, you must find a trustworthy online sportsbook. Here are a few things to consider:

Where is the company based

The jurisdiction from where the site gets its license is very important. There are a lot of countries that provide licenses but do not have a concrete set of rules governing these sites. So, you must check the licensing certificates of the site and where they operate from. Gibraltar and, Antigua and Barbuda are some of the more reliable jurisdictions. You should also check the background of the company before joining the site. A good company would have received some awards and some of them might also be listed on the stock exchange. You should also look at how long the site has been running for. Usually the good sites would have been operational for quite a while, but this is not always the case. One of the most trusted and reputable football betting sites was just launched in 2011, and offers a secure and reliable sports betting experience, with a variety of betting lines that include NFL betting, college football betting, basketball, hockey, boxing, tennis, golf, racing, and soccer, among other popular sports events. See below for what site we are talking about.

Page-download time and payments

The time taken for pages to download while you gamble is very important. If the site takes too long a time to respond, then it will hamper your game play experience. A lot of times, a site can be too bulky or be poorly designed which affects the page download time. There is nothing worse than trying to get in a half time bet, only to have a slow loading website kill your action. It's even worse when the bet comes in that you didn't get placed in time.

Customer support

Every reliable site will provide you with top of the line customer support. Make sure that the site you choose provides 24/7 support, either through phone, mail or live chat. You can check out the efficiency of the system by simply mailing or calling them up and asking a question about the minimum deposit amount. If you do not get a straightforward reply then you should not join that particular site.

Review guides

Today, there are a lot of sites that review online sportsbooks, casinos and poker rooms, such as These sites tell you about the various aspects of a sportsbook and whether you should join it or not. You should refer to such sites and professional input before you join a particular sportsbook. You should also perform a Google search with the name of the site followed by 'scam' or 'blacklisted'. A lot of these review sites blacklist some sportsbooks if their operations are not run smoothly, or if the players have a lot of complaints against them. Our sports betting guide is currently being expanded, and currently includes mobile sports betting.

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