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Real Money Sports BettingNow that real money football betting is legally available to US players online, sports lovers in the USA can join their international counterparts who have been enjoying Internet gambling on football games. While the sport of football in Europe and some other countries refers to soccer or rugby, the American version of football is quite different. And it is one of the most wagered on sports activities in the world. Thanks to legally licensed offshore websites which are headquartered outside of the United States, online football betting for Americans and international web surfers now allows you to place a bet on your favorite football team any time night or day, thanks to the global reach and speed of the Internet. Football is one of the most popular elements of the real money sports betting industry.

Real money football, sports betting, and wagering on other sports contests is provided by a few legitimate Internet sportsbooks that deliver the holy trinity of sports wagering which the successful, veteran gambler demands. Professional Internet gamblers insist upon multiple and speedy deposit and withdrawal options for funding and removing money from their accounts. They also demand rapid betting confirmation, so they can move quickly when they see a bit of sports news that can turn a particular football line in their favor. And obviously, experienced football and sports bettors expect the best possible betting lines, totals, sides, parlays, teasers, futures bets and props, so they can act upon the best available number when placing a wager.

But as you probably know, football betting lines can vary drastically from one particular website to another. This could mean as much as a 1 or 1.5 point difference in a point spread or total, and sometimes even more. Doesn't it just make sense to only place a wager when you can take advantage of the best possible lines or numbers? The way that you can ensure yourself the best possible line every time is by opening accounts at multiple online sportsbooks. And this can actually be done pretty inexpensively. Then, if you need to add money to your account to take advantage of the best possible betting line, side or total on a particular football game, simply make a deposit for additional funds, place your wager, and receive your betting confirmation e-mail. As we mentioned above, when you operate with a legally licensed and legitimate offshore sportsbook, your deposits are credited instantly, allowing you to make speedy wagers.

We here at are US citizens that are diehard football bettors, and we have tested and reviewed multiple offshore websites which offer football betting odds for the most popular rugby and soccer leagues, as well as college and NFL games. We have compiled a short list of the top operators which offer speed and versatility in their banking suite, competitive lines, and rapid betting confirmation. We have provided quick click-through access for you below, and even show you exactly what type of generous welcome bonus you can expect when you make your initial deposit. We recommend clicking through the provided links, just to get a feel for a site's particular user interface. Your decision in choosing an online football betting website from those listed below may differ from ours, but you can guarantee the sites listed on this page are legitimate and legally licensed.

Football betting is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, and is now available through a few mouse clicks or by powering up your smartphone. All the sites listed here will deliver mobile access, they all offer excellent welcome bonuses, and are trustworthy, safe and secure. The latest in data encryption technology protects and safeguards your personal and financial information, and your deposits hit your account immediately. Betting confirmation is speedy over a reliable Internet connection, so you can quickly take advantage of favorable football betting odds. Whether you prefer multi-team parlays and teasers over single team straight-up and spread betting, and you prefer NCAA over NFL action, you can discover exactly how to bet on football online while giving yourself the best overall experience and chance at winning, when you access the legally licensed offshore operators listed here.

Best Sports Betting Site For Football Betting

Top Football Betting Site At Bovada Sportsbook Bovada Sports has become one of the most trusted and reliable USA friendly sportsbooks in the industry. They launched in late 2011 to embrace all USA bettor traffic which was previously directed to the popular Bodog sports betting site. Bovada caters to players in the United States exclusively, and has earned a reputation for providing a highly secure and innovative online gambling environment. They are owned and operated by the same brand that operates Bodog, and they also offer a full service casino, poker room, and racebook. They also offer mobile sports betting options and have recently added their mobile casino betting app to their lineup. New players will receive a generous 50% match bonus up to $250 on your first deposit. Visit Bovada Sports Now

Our Recommended Top 5 Real Money Football Betting Sites
# Casino Link Software Bonus % Max Bonus $ Rating USA
1. Bovada Sportsbook In House 50% $250 5 Stars USA Friendly
2. BetOnline Sportsbook In House 25% $1000 5 Stars USA Friendly
3. Intertops Sportsbook In House 25% $100 5 Stars
4 Bookmaker DGS 20% $1000 USA Friendly
5. DSI Sportsbook DGS 20% $1000 USA Friendly
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