Real Money Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Mobile sports betting has exploded in popularity right along with the proliferation of faster, more powerful mobile PCs, tablets and smartphones. And it only makes sense, because smartphones today are as powerful as laptops were three or four years ago, and the days of the desktop PC are coming to an end. Whether you enjoy placing a wager on an NFL team, Major League Baseball game, NBA contest or even some less popular "specialty" sports contests, mobile sportsbooks provide a lot of attractive benefits.

Mobile sports betting sites allow you to pull the trigger at a moment's notice when you see or hear a bit of breaking sports news that compels you to get in on the game. The mobile sports betting sites we feature in our guide are engineered for your mobile device by reputable real money sports betting brands we already know and trust. You do not have to fly home, wait for your desktop to power up, and hope that the line has not moved against you in the time it took for you to act after you heard the news. And the sports betting apps that are the most reliable are those actually run by the online sportsbooks themselves. Third party apps obtained in an online apps store are simply not as dependable as those iPhone and Android apps that you download directly from your favorite online casino or sportsbook.

When you use the real money sports betting apps that your online bookmaker has on their site, you get a familiar interface. The experience is one you are used to seeing, so there is no learning curve trying to figure out how an unfamiliar app works. Besides, you probably chose your current sportsbook because you feel comfortable with the environment, and have found they generally offer the best lines and odds. Why chance using sports betting options from an internet apps store when your favorite world wide web bookmaker offers a free download of their very own mobile sportsbooks? For a familiar feel and instant night or day access from your i-phone or Android mobile PC or smartphone, download a free mobile sports betting app from a top rated online sportsbook, and never miss out on a betting opportunity again.

While Android and iOS may be featured on this page, Blackberry and Windows devices also have access to exciting mobile sports betting options. We have also recently added some sport specific information to our guide. Check out our real money football betting guide where you can learn more about NFL betting lines and how to maximize your college football betting odds.

Android Sports Betting Apps

Android sports betting apps are available from the top online sportsbooks and casinos, and can be downloaded directly from their site. The top rated online sportsbooks understand and value you as a customer, so their developers work very hard to make real money Android sports betting options that load quickly and provide a familiar interface for mobile players. Online sportsbooks understand what you want them to deliver, and they happily go the extra mile to provide the best possible mobile wagering experience, the fastest load and refresh speeds, with an interface that matches their site. Our featured mobile sports betting Android app is found at Bovada Mobile Sports!

iPhone Sports Betting Apps

IPhone sports betting apps deliver a user interface and meaningful experience that perfectly matches the iPhone and iDevice display and navigation format. Your iOS powered mobile PCs, smartphones and tablets get access to iPhone sportsbook apps that were designed specifically for your iDevice. Many third party apps you find in app stores are "one size fits all" products. But apps from existing online sportsbooks for iPhone and iPad products are "made to fit". Not only are they designed specifically for iOS devices, but they were created to most effectively blend with your sportsbooks software! So for the best iPhone sports betting apps, fastest speeds, and smoothest user interface, download straight from a top rated sportsbook and not some internet apps store, and you will make 24/7 wagering on your favorite team a sure bet. Visit Bovada Mobile Sports.

Our Recommended Top 4 Real Money Sports Betting Apps
# Casino Link Software Bonus % Max Bonus $ Rating USA
1. Bovada Mobile Sports RTG 50% $250
2. Bookmaker Mobile Proprietary 25% $2500
3. BetOnline Mobile Sports Proprietary 25% $1000
4. Mobile Proprietary 25% $1000
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