Mobile Web Browsing Predictions for 2015 Already Surpassed

Back in 2010, Morgan Stanley released an 87 page report with predictions about online trends and where Internet use was headed for the future. The study revealed the results of intense charting that made several key predictions. Among the intriguing predictions was that we would make a strong shift toward mobile web use. The study took into account multiple types of devices that access the web, including the Kindle, the Apple iPhone, non-iOS smartphones, video gaming systems, GPS devices, and wireless home appliances, among other devices. The takeaway from these 2010 predictions was that mobile web browsing would exceed desktop browsing by 2015. So in 2014, how are those predictions looking?

In 2012, according to StatCounter, about 10% of web pageviews were initiated from mobile devices (smartphone and tablets). Fast forward two short years and there are now reports that Americans have used mobile devices and mobile applications more than PCs to access the Internet. This was reported by CNN in January of 2014. The figures would be even more dramatic in less developed countries as those mobile users are less likely to have multiple devices that include a computer. Due to the exponential increase in mobile web use, more and more B2B merchants are investing in mobile marketing and applications for their services. According to a study done by iAcquire, an astounding 70% of web searches done on mobile devices result in action on a website within just one hour following the initial search effort. That is incredible motivation for merchants to target mobile device owners. This in turn makes mobile web commerce more attractive, and the perpetual growth is well on its way.

There are some singular components of mobile web use that have already drastically surpassed desktop use, such as the number of mobile users who access Facebook via their smarpthone or tablet versus a computer. Facebook mobile use has exceeded Facebook desktop use. Following are some staggering statistics that reveal that those 2010 predictions were not only headed in the right direction, but may have been even quite shy of the actual mobile transition being made.

  1. There are 5 times as many mobile phones worldwide than there are personal computers.
  2. Web enabled smartphones and tablets has almost doubled the amount of time that users spend online as compared to 2010.
  3. 91% of adults in the United States own a mobile phone.
  4. One out of 5 Facebook account holders are mobile only.
  5. Nearly 30% of Facebook ad revenue is derived from mobile use.
  6. 25% of US adults only access the Internet from their mobile device.

So how does this affect real money gambling? You can expect to see an increase in well developed mobile gambling applications with considerable incentives in place being launched in order to cater to this worldwide transition from PCs and laptops to smartphones and tablets. This will include mobile casino apps, mobile poker apps, and mobile sports betting applications. Mobile access enhances availability to real money gambling opportunities for players, which in turn results in the likelihood for increased revenue to those businesses that wisely invest in and support this fast growing trend. It is pretty clear that Morgan Stanley's predictions back in 2010 were definitely insightful, and that the actuality of the mobile web use trends seem to be ahead of those charted predictions.

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