Progressive Slots And That Life Changing Jackpot

Slots is one of those games that has become synonymous with casinos. We all have heard about players getting lucky and hitting a jackpot on one of these machines and winning millions of dollars. However, people often confuse regular slots with progressive slots. A regular real money slots machine is limited in terms of payouts. But when you play on a progressive slots machine, you will find that the payouts can be a lot more lucrative.

Now everyone who is interested in playing slots, at some point or the other, dreams about hitting that big jackpot. But these dreams are often forgotten as soon as you realize the huge odds against hitting this jackpot. This is a reason why a lot of players shun the progressive jackpot slots. But you do not have to do this when you choose your games correctly, to minimize your losses and increase your chances of winning.

What Are Progressive Slots?

Progressive slots simply refer to a number of slot machines that have been connected through a network. A small percentage of all the money that is wagered on these machines is pooled in and that becomes the jackpot. Now, since a percentage is kept for the jackpots, you will find that these machines have slightly lower payout percentage than other machines. Not all the progressive jackpots work in the same way though. Here are the main variants of progressive jackpots.

Stand Alone

This progressive jackpot is simply played out on a single slot machine. These machines do not have a fixed top prize and add a part of every bet to the jackpot. There is usually a meter on these machines that tells you about the current jackpot size. The payout percentage is equal to the other machines similar to it. However, it is distributed slightly differently so that you can have that greater amount for the top prize. The amount is usually a lot less compared to other progressive jackpot games.

Wide Area Jackpots

These are actually the jackpots that offer life altering amount of money when you win. Usually they are offered through a set of slot machines linked to each other. For example in Vegas you see wheel of fortune progressive slots in the tens of millions. The machines may or may not be in the same casino if you are playing in land based casinos. In land based casinos, the cost of maintaining these machines and linking them is also quite substantial so the payout for regular wins is lower than other slot machines.

Tips On Winning A Progressive Slot Jackpot

Betting the maximum amount on every spin is a must if you are playing for progressive slots. The reason behind this is that the biggest prize is available to you only when you play the maximum amount. There have been cases when people bet $0.5 instead of $1 and walked away with $1000 prize money which could have very easily been $100,000. If playing on land based casinos, make sure that your coin is registered before you spin. The most important thing to keep in mind is to never make progressive jackpots the main stay of your slot games. Use only a part of your bankroll to chance your luck at these games.

Best Site To Play Progressive Slots Online

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4. Loco Panda Casino RTG 400% $4000 USA Friendly
5. Grand Parker Casino RTG 250% $8000 5 Stars USA Friendly
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