Can you Mathematically Predict Keno Results?

Keno is a very exciting game that can be played even by first timers with the greatest of ease. In this game, numbers are called out at random and the person to first get all of the numbers on his/ her card wins. There are several variations to this game too that keep it from becoming monotonous. Some casinos may have pattern bingo games, date bingo games etc where the first person to complete a pre-determined pattern or to get his birth date called out wins.

Real money Keno games are some of the most popular games played worldwide. The fact that it is a game purely based on luck does not deter serious players from looking for mathematical formulas that can predict numbers.

Keeping Track of Previous Numbers

Several Keno players keep track of the numbers called in previous games. They believe that by analyzing these numbers and the pattern in which they were called, it is possible to predict what numbers will be called in the current round. This might be a good system to predict numbers where the numbers are called out by a person. However, this system fails to work at your internet casino.

In an online casino, Keno numbers are called out at random by a computer generated program. Casinos take special pains to have their Random Number Generation Systems tested periodically by reputed testing organizations to ensure fair gaming. Clearly, it is quite impossible for anyone to mathematically predict the numbers that a computer program will pick.

Staying Consistent

Another system followed by veteran players is to stick to certain combinations of numbers, game after game. Looking at this system from a mathematical perspective, we can see why these players believe it will work. By covering the same number range consistently, the players rely on the chance that these will form part of the randomly changing number selections at some time.

In fact, many veterans have a special set of numbers they pick for their Keno playing. A birth date, wedding date, license number, any of these ‘lucky numbers’ can become the player’s regular betting formula.

Do Mathematical Predictions Really Work?

There is no way of verifying whether such mathematical predictions really work in predicting Keno numbers. This is a subject of immense discussion and, at times, hot debate, among Keno players. There are some who maintain that their mathematical system of predicting numbers wins them several games while others refute all such claims.

What is clear is that such mathematical predictions are certainly not a foolproof method of ensuring winnings in this game. Most players only indulge in such ‘sure win formulas’ to add more spice and excitement to this game. In fact, even many veterans who use such ‘predictive’ tools and actually win, chalk it up to ‘lucky numbers’.

If you too intend to play Keno and win using such mathematical predictions, there is one very important point to keep in mind at all times. Keno is a fun game to play and what matters most is that you spend an enjoyable few hours playing it online. Winning is only secondary to the excitement and thrill that this game offers.  

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Can You Mathematically Predict Keno Results?

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