Famous Gambling Cheats

Players walk into casinos with the hope that they will win a grand cash prize that will make all their dreams come true. However, all casino games are designed to give the house the advantage and million dollar jackpots are few and far between. Some players, over the years, have taken to using unorthodox methods to win. These methods range from the intelligent and resourceful to blatant cheating. A few of these famous gambling cheats are:

Edward Thorp: The Original Card Counter

A mathematical genius, Thorp was the original inventor of the card counting system. He was introduced to casino games by a friend. When he visited Las Vegas, Thorp fell in love with the game of blackjack. After trying his hand at the game, he was convinced that he could find a mathematical method with which to play the game and win. Using a computer, he formulated billions of hands in order to study the mathematics of blackjack. He eventually realized that the small valued cards were more beneficial for the dealer. Once these cards left the deck, the players were at an advantage by 1%-5%.

Richard Marcus: The Best All Round Cheater

Marcus has been given the dubious distinction of being called the best all round cheater in casino gambling history. He became a dealer at baccarat and blackjack games. This was how he learnt the nuances of the game and how to beat casinos at it.

Richard invented a simplistic looking move that was his signature move – ‘the Savannah’. He would wager a low denomination of chips at the roulette tables and if he won, would cause a scene, behaving extremely elated. Puzzled, the dealer would then discover that Marcus’s chips were sitting on top of another $500 chip. However, if he lost, he would quickly remove the $500 chip from underneath the pile. His wins appeared legitimate and since it was only his losses that weren’t, he went undetected for many years and had stolen approximately $5 million.

MIT’s Blackjack Team: Pop Culture Icons

The story behind MIT’s blackjack team is a famous one with several books and one major film being inspired by it. The team was born after an extracurricular club met at the University in the 90s. The students decided to try and use systems based on statistics to win at blackjack.

The initial group recruited members for the team from the student body, choosing the players carefully and even utilizing application tests. The team spent hours simulating casino environments and games. Each player had to undergo a set of demanding tests before being allowed to gamble at a live casino.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael: The Slots Magician

Carmichael reportedly claimed to be able to beat any slots game in any casino. He invented several clever devices to help him trigger the jackpots in slots games. Some of these were called: the monkey paw, the slider and the top-bottom joint. After he was finally apprehended by the FBI, he turned over a new leaf and became a security consultant to casinos, teaching them how to deal with the tricks he invented.

When you think of cheating in terms of online, real money gambling sites make this quite difficult unless your a hacker and can bypass a huge layer of security. And even if you did successfully cheat at an online casino, getting paid without them finding out about the theft would be even more difficult. All payouts are typically reviewed in conjunction with your betting patterns, so if a casino was alerted of a crazy run on a particular game, they would dig a little deeper to see if the win was all on the up and up. Long story short, don't try to cheat.

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Famous Gambling Cheats

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