Cut the Crap! Helpful Strategy for the Game of Craps

Craps has long been considered one of the most entertaining and fun packed online casino games. One of the biggest benefits of playing Craps is that the house edge is low, giving players a good chance to win cash prizes.

By knowing more about the wagers that are made, as well as knowing which ones to avoid making, players can have a rewarding experience at the tables. Betting in Craps is related to the odds of a player rolling and getting a certain number. Understanding the nature of the bets that are made in the course of the game will also help you win in Craps. Some useful strategies that can be applied in Craps are:

Utilizing the Recommended Bets at Craps

One of the most effective strategies for playing real money craps is to make use of the bets that are recommended as part of the game. These wagers will ensure the low edge of the house for a certain period, giving players a better shot at winning. This strategy is effective only for short periods of time and players should be careful not to use it excessively. Some recommended bets are:

Passline Bets: When players make a bet on the passline during a Craps game, it known as a passline bet. This type of bet is one of the simplest. Knowing when to use it is one of the most basic components of Craps strategy. Once all the probabilities of the rolls are considered, the come out roll should be utilized by the passline bet. In order to do this, players will have to make their wagers and wait for their opponents to roll. If the other player rolls a 7 or an 11, you will win the game. However, if he or she rolls a 2, 3 or 12, you will lose.

Odds Bets: This type of bet is made as an add-on to the passline bet. Some online casinos offer players odds that can go as high as multiples of 6. After the player has established his or her point, the bet can be made. Casinos have no edge when this type of bet is made. They also pay the players the exact odds when they make this type of wager.

Know the Number Probabilities

The probability of a player rolling the dice and getting a 2 or a 12 is low. The odds are 35:1 – the lowest possible for a game of craps. There is also only one way of getting either number. However, there are two ways of rolling a 3 or an 11. The odds for this are 17:1. For 4 or 10, the odds are 11:1 and it can be accomplished in three ways. Rolling for 5 or 9 has the odds of 8:1. This can be done in four ways. 6 and 8 have more tricky odds – 6.2:1. There are five ways to accomplish this. The highest probability in the game is a 7, the odds for this are 5:1 and there are six ways to do it.

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Cut the Crap! Helpful Strategy for the Game of Craps

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