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Online gambling has grown exponentially over the past decade or so, and along with it, online blackjack tournaments have taken a place of prominence in the industry. The reason for this is the fact that people are easily able to play their favorite casino games from the comfort of their homes. Also, it is lot easier to play tournaments that are organized by these gambling sites. Initially, poker was the only game that used to have online tournaments, but now one of the most popular casino games, real money Blackjack, also has online tournaments.

What Are The Different Types Of Blackjack Tournaments Offered?

You will find that several reputable gambling sites offer these tournaments and offer them in different formats. You can play a free roll tournament, in which you will not have to pay any tournament fee. This is a great opportunity for you to win money without paying anything. Then there are sit-n-go tournaments which start as soon as the required number of players join the table. Normally, these tournaments typically have some sort of a fee associated with them which is added to the prize pool. These tournaments offer players a much larger amount of prize money.

How Do Blackjack Tournaments Work?

Blackjack is a game played against the dealer so many of you might wonder how players compete against each other. Usually in a blackjack tournament, every player is given a specific amount of chips and after a pre-determined number of games, the player with the most money is declared as the winner. In a non-tournament blackjack game, the player to the dealer's left is the one to receive the card. But in a tournament there is button that points to a particular player. This player gets the first card, and the button keeps rotating each round. As you become more acclimated to online blackjack, you can start developing your own blackjack tournament strategy when playing, thereby increasing your chances at winning. If you'd like to learn more about how to play, visit our blackjack strategy page.

Advantages Of Playing In An Online Black Jack Tourney

Many of you might be wondering what drives the draw to online blackjack tournaments. Well, for one thing, a tournament setting dramatically increases the competitive edge of any game, and blackjack is no exception. You are playing against other players as well as the dealers, and this extra element adds a special kind of sizzle to the games. The prize potential is also much larger in tournaments most of the time, which is a distinct incentive to participate.

Elimination Tournaments and International Blackjack League

Most of the blackjack tournaments that you will come across will be elimination tournaments. This means that after every round the player with the lowest amount of chips is eliminated. Casinos offer weekly tournaments with this format that offers prize money payouts around $500. One such tournament is the blackjack bonanza that takes place at Bovada casino. Some of the bigger tournaments that have a buy-in attached to them can have prize money up to or exceeding $10,000.

Blackjack tournament online events are often held seasonally by those casinos which provide them, and are not necessarily available all the time. Below we've featured the best online casinos at which to play blackjack, which offer specific blackjack bonuses, and at different times offer exciting online blackjack tournaments. You can visit the casino's promotions or games previews pages to find out if they are currently hosting a tournament event of any kind. Most of the time you will find any tournaments widely advertised on the casino's site or in their lobby, or a designated blackjack tournament schedule.

There is also an International Blackjack League and the casinos involved in this league will offer players some sort of tournaments almost daily. This league helps blackjack players across the world to play against each other in various tournaments.

Best Online Casino To Participate in Real Money Online Blackjack Tournaments

Club USA Offers Weekly Blackjack TournamentsWhen thinking of high quality online blackjack tournament gambling, Club USA instantly comes to mind. They are one of the handful of online casinos that takes the gaming preferences of blackjack enthusiasts into consideration when developing their bonus schemes. Club USA offers players a 100% match bonus up to $150 on their first deposit for playing blackjack. While it may not be as large as the slots welcome bonus, it is a nice chunk of free money to enjoy some blackjack action with. Club USA is regarded as one of the most trustworthy and reputable online casinos ever to launch in the industry, and they have earned this reputation by tenaciously putting player satisfaction at the forefront of their operations. They offer an ongoing daily slots tournament schedule, and also offer blackjack tournaments several times during the year. They clearly understand that happy players come back, myself included!! Visit Club USA Casino Now

Our Recommended Top 5 Sites Offering Online Blackjack Tournaments
# Casino Link Software Bonus % Max Bonus $ Rating USA
1. Lucky Red Casino RTG 100% $1000 5 Stars USA Friendly
2. Club USA Casino RTG 100% $150 5 Stars USA Friendly
3. Win Palace Casino RTG 100% $5000 5 Stars USA Friendly
4. Manhattan Slots RTG 100% $150 USA Friendly
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Online Blackjack Tournaments

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