The Game of Baccarat Simplified

An internationally played casino game, Baccarat is a simple and exciting option for gamblers. Baccarat is derived from the Italian word for ‘Zero’. The man who is believed to have invented the game is Felix Falguierein. He began playing the game with Tarot cards rather than playing cards.

The game was brought over from Italy and it became popular in France in 1490 AD during the reign of King Charles VIII. The game was similar to other widely played games at the time, Basset and Faro.

Real Money Baccarat has three variants that are played the world over: Punto Banco, Baccarat Banque and Baccarat Chemin de Fer. Of the three, the Punto Banco is seen as a simple game of chance. It requires no strategy or skill to play. The player’s moves are dictated by the cards that he or she is dealt. However, the other two variants of the game allow players to make their own choices, showing that there is room for some skill in the game, but the rules are easy to follow.

It is a card game that is played by comparing the hands of two players – the ‘banker’ and the ‘player’. Each game, also called a coup, has three outcome possibilities: the player has the highest score, the banker wins or there is a tie between the two.

Punto Banco: Most of the Baccarat games played in casinos in the UK, US, Canada, Sweden, Macau, Australia and Finland follow this format. In this Baccarat variant, the casino is the bank for the game and allows both hands to play out based on a system of rules. Players at an online casino have a choice between betting on the ‘banco’ or ‘punto’ - the banker or the player.

However, the punto and the banco are not players or the casino. They are merely two hands that are offered as options to bettors. In each coup, two cards each are dealt (face-up) to the player and banker. The initial total is then called by the croupier. Following this, drawing rules are enforced. The decision to deal a third card to the player and banker is then made. The final totals are compared to decide who wins.

Chemin de Fer: This game was the version of Baccarat that was initially brought over to France and is still played in much the same way there. The name translates into ‘way of iron’ which came from the practice of placing the playing cards into an iron box. In this variant, the game employs 6 decks of cards which are shuffled before being dealt. Seating is assigned randomly, around a circular or oval table.

All the cards that are discarded by the players are placed at the center of the table. One player is given the role of the ‘banker’. The other players are called ‘punters’. Each player has the chance to be the banker, who will wager a certain amount on the dice. The other players will either bet for or against him fulfilling his wager.

Baccarat Banque: While playing Chemin de Fer, the player is only allowed to stay in the role of the bank if he wins his wager. If he loses, the role passes on to the next player. This is not the case while playing Baccarat Banque. The player who is given the role of banker can hold it until he decides to retire or loses all his money.

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The Game of Baccarat Simplified

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